Who Is a Community Relations Manager?

Publish Date: 
Jan 5, 2009

You DO NOT want a bimbo who is just show! Customers will talk to her once and never again. That does not represent your brand well at all. She needs to have the substance. If it comes in a package that guys (who are most of the customers) want to talk to and hang out with, that’s a huge plus. Charisma is more important than something like calendar girl looks. If she can also talk to your customers for three hours about the last flat-track race at the fairgrounds … Well, what do you think that will do?

But don’t discount a guy who can nail all this stuff, either. I’m not saying that by a long shot.

A lot of it also has to do with the “personality” of your dealership, either as it is now, or as you want it to be. This person should become THE face of your shop. At the chamber of commerce. At races. On rides. Etc.

Yes, you’re going to hire someone, and most likely pay her pretty well, to essentially have the best job in the world. Pack up your ego and let her create the brand or face of your shop. It will help make money.

Once it starts working, you’ll be amazed when you go to events and realize that people are talking about your shop as a personality rather than as a place to spend money.

Let me know how it goes! I’d love to do a case study of someone who was able to replicate the success I’ve had. You can contact me through editors@dealernews.com. You can also post comments below.