Why Buy New Motorsports touts value of used vehicles

Publish Date: 
Jun 10, 2014

MERIDEN, Conn. – The repair and sale of just one motorcycle planted the seed that led Steve Iglesias to open Why Buy New Motorsports.

Iglesias, 25, has run businesses from paper routes to yard maintenance from the time he was 9. Most recently he was a sales and marketing for sports equipment company NGC Sports. A car accident left him with a broken back that required two surgeries.

The used motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and personal watercraft retail store and service center came about during his convalescence.

 “I fell into this business when I saw a Yamaha dirt bike for $700-$800,” he said. After cleaning it up, he resold it for $1,500. “As soon as I closed that sale, it was like ‘wow, I just made $700,’” he told the Record Journal. “It’s all about finding a good deal and knowing the market value.”

Iglesias refurbished the showroom, storage and service areas of the former Xtreme MotoSports, which closed late last year. He said he wants to deal only in top-brand motorsports equipment and parts. Vehicle prices range from $1,000 to $6,000.

Iglesias has hired three full-time workers at Why Buy New and is opening a third service bay to offer automobile window tinting

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