'Why We Ride' shows why others should, too

Mary Green Slepicka
Publish Date: 
Oct 1, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

IN THE FALL RUSH of superhero action movies and Halloween-timed gore fests, I’d like to recommend a documentary just now being released, called “Why We Ride.” 

Produced by Walking West Entertainment and Gnarlynow Entertainment in association with Santa Susana Studios, “Why We Ride” is glorious filmmaking. A few of us had the opportunity to watch a pre-screening in Los Angeles about a month ago. The film is set to be released in a Hollywood premiere in early October.

“Why We Ride” is not a story about motorcycles but about those who ride them and support them. It speaks to the artistry of the journey, and includes everything from breathtaking West Coast and Black Hills scenery to a racing slow-motion interlude that mimics ballet. Whether you are a performance shop or a Harley store or a family dirtbike dealership, your lifestyle is in this film.

But artistry doesn’t make the film exclusionary. Quite the contrary; “Why We Ride” is about why others should consider giving it a try.

Along the journey we witness interviews with some of the pioneers of modern motorcycling, including Don Emde, Mert Lawwill, Troy Lee and Ed Kretz Jr., who unfortunately passed away in September. (A companion film about Kretz Sr. is in the works.) We see Laura Klock and her daughters at Bonneville. And they all discuss how they started out, and the nicks and scrapes they had along the way. Everyone rode minibikes as kids. They all hid their first motorcycles from their moms. They all made mistakes, wiped out, dusted themselves off and got back on.

If there ever was a film to become an ambassador for getting people into the sport, it’s this one.

“Why We Ride” will have theater showings and home video distribution. The producers told me that they would like to work with dealerships across the country to secure screenings for “Why We Ride” at local theaters. If you’re interested in helping them out, contact Mike Shell, dealer program director, at mike@whyweridetour.com.

See “Why We Ride.” Get it shown in your area. And if you can, take someone with you who does not ride. You might just create a future customer.