Wichita Indian owner dropping franchise, changing shop name


Indian of Wichita is getting out of the Indian business, at least for now, and plans to be a used motorcycle dealership by the end of the year.

Owner Mark Hambleton told the Wichita Eagle he’ll change the name of the store and switch to used inventory because under Polaris’ ownership, the storied Indian brand won’t have any new models for a couple of years.

“We kind of looked and listened to what they were going to do,” he says. “We had to make a decision, and I think it’s in our best interest to go on and just do used-only retail. Not because what they’re doing is a bad thing,” he told the newspaper. “They told us their new models are two years plus away.”

The store has stopped offering Indian parts and service, but plans to keep his 7,500 –square-foot shop for used motorcycles, and may consider seeking an Indian franchise at some future date. “I’ll be looking for everything now from Harleys to Hondas,” he says. “It won’t matter. Whatever will work.”

Posted by Holly Wagner

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