Wire Plus helps Big Dogs get up and go

Publish Date: 
Oct 16, 2012

WINFIELD, Kansas - WIRE PLUS Powersports Electronics has a new HCM retrofit kit designed to improve 2004-2008 Big Dog Motorcycles bedeviled by electrical problems that cause starting issues.

The kit allows owners to get rid of the EHC module on their Big Dogs, and is compatible with all the switches used on these bikes. The kit comes with Wire Plus’ power module and switch control module that are setup to work with the ground input switches used on Big Dog’s motorcycles.

The company says these products feature vibration resistant solid-state breaker technology and a replaceable start relay that can be purchased at any auto parts store. The modules are also waterproof and compact, Wire Plus reports.

The retrofit kits have been configured with ring terminals, butt splices and wiring to make for an easier connection to the ground wires.

Posted by Dennis Johnson