Wired for More Power


Looking for more electrical power? Certain Honda, KTM and Yamaha motorcycle and ATV models can benefit from Trail Tech (Booth M201) stators and electrical kits. The company states that its stators allow for better lights without draining the vehicle's battery.

Electrical system kits include stator, regulator/rectifier, model-specific connectors and instructions. Kits are available for the following models: Honda CRF250X (all years), Yamaha WR250 and WR450 (2003 to 2008), KTM 4-stroke 4K3B ignitions (2000 to 2007), KTM two-stroke 2K-3 ignitions with backing plate (1998 to 2008), KTM two-stroke 2K-3 ignitions without baking plate (2008) and the Yamaha YFZ450 ATV (all years).