Women Who Roll 2011

Publish Date: 
Apr 21, 2011
By Dennis Johnson

In celebration of Women Riders Month, Dealernews salutes the females who build companies, run dealerships, push for product, advocate fairness — and inspire others to get out and ride.

First, Dealernews salutes those playing key roles in motorcycle industry governance, legislation and market development at the Motorcycle Industry Council, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, Specialty Vehicle Industry Association and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association: Cam Arnold, vice president-communications (MIC, MSF, SVIA, ROHVA); Johanna Buecheler, senior designer (MIC, MSF, SVIA, ROHVA); Carole Iannello, senior coordinator-aftermarket (MIC); Cathy Rimm, national quality assurance specialist (MSF); Pat Murphy, vice president-data standards (MIC); Pamela Amette, vice president (MIC); Sherry Williams, director of quality assurance and research (MSF). All are based at MIC headquarters in Irvine, Calif.

Another tip of the hat goes to Kathy Van Kleek, senior vice president-government relations (MIC, MSF, SVIA, ROHVA), who's based in the association’s Washington, D.C., offices. “Van Kleek has a single-minded focus on protecting the industry from unnecessary and unfair legislative and regulatory burdens - ensuring that every party in the distribution channel has the flexibility to do business in an environment that allows them to make their own informed business decisions and adapt to changing market and economic conditions, without legislative and regulatory barriers that only serve to create a business climate where options become more limited and costs of doing business are needlessly increased,” says MIC president Tim Buche.

And the list doesn't end there. Click on the links below to read in-depth profiles of women making waves in the industry, and click on this link for bios of even more women accomplishing great things.

The Visionary: Jan Plessner
The Passionista: Genevieve Schmitt
The Pioneer: Reba McClanahan
The Change Agent: Rosalie McLean
The Gearhead: Audrey Menarik
The Strategist: Ann Willey
The Adventure-Seeker: Martha Forget
The Inspiration: Marilyn Simmons
The Oil Barons: Jennifer Liquori and Daryl Brosnan
The Mechanic: Hannah Johnson