Women Who Roll 2014: Lynn Nathan, Powersports East

Publish Date: 
Apr 24, 2014
By Vince Guerrieri

LYNN NATHAN planned to retire five years ago at the age of 65, but when the economy collapsed in 2008, triggering the Great Recession, she felt obligated to continue running Powersports East, a Top 100 dealership in Bear, Del., she started in 1985.

Now, feeling that the multiline dealership is out of the woods, Lynn, who helped develop curriculum for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, is finally ready to ride into her next adventure. She leaves the dealership in the hands of her daughter Rebecca Fasten, who has been serving as general manager.

Lynn, an English instructor, started riding in 1972 and still rides the 1976 CB400F she bought new.  She wanted to learn how to work on bikes, and took a class, taught by her future husband, Joel Samick. (Read our 2012 cover profile of Lynn and team HERE.)

Joel runs RetroTours, which offers tours throughout the country on a variety of vintage bikes. Lynn handles the website and mailings – and cooks for tour groups.

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