Women Who Roll 2014: MMI's Julie Spencer

Publish Date: 
Apr 24, 2014
By Beth Dolgner

AS THE first female instructor for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and the organization's first female chief instructor, Julie Spencer has been blazing a path for other women who are mechanically inclined.

“If you are afraid of getting dirty, don’t bother; but if you like the feel of grease and oil or don’t mind breaking a fingernail once in a while, then go for it,” she said.

That attitude prompted Julie to attend MMI after her kids were grown. She became an instructor at their Phoenix, Ariz., campus 11 years ago.

Julie is quick to credit her aunt’s pioneering spirit as inspiration: she was a dirt track racer in the 1950s. Julie herself grew up riding mini bikes.

For Julie, teaching is both challenging and rewarding. She said, “I think what I like the most is that I can look at every group and know that I have helped at least one student.”

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