Women Who Roll 2014: Sarah Schilke, Schuberth and MIC

Publish Date: 
Apr 24, 2014
By Bruce Steever

SARAH SCHILKE is definitely one of the more visible women in the powersports industry. In addition to her primary role as Marketing and PR Manager for Schuberth North America, she was recently elected to the MIC’s board of directors for her third term. With a background of powersports industry marketing and advertising experience, she considers her current role to be a perfect match for her skillset.

“I’ve been interested in German culture and language since I was a kid, so working for a German company was always on my wish list,” explained Sarah. “Combining my marketing MBA and experience with my interest in motorcycling, it doesn’t get much better. I actually made contact at Schuberth while I was working at Hein Gericke several years ago – my name was on their list when they decided to start the North American brand, and I was one of the initial employees from the start of Schuberth North America.”

Sarah feels that her varied powersports roles have allowed her to make significant contributions to the industry as a whole. In particular, she believes she has been able to bring new riders into the sport, especially women, to ensure that they find the right bikes, protective gear and training to maximize their enjoyment on two wheels.

In a similar vein, Sarah is proud to have brought people into the business side of the powersports industry, helping them connect with the right positions to grow careers. On that last point, she hopes her voice at the MIC will influence changes in the industry and encourage mentoring of new talent.

“I love bringing new riders into the sport because reliving that new rider excitement over and over takes me back to the excitement I felt when I discovered motorcycling and was learning everything about it,” stated Sarah.

And, like most of us, she is still just a die-hard motorcycle nut. She rides dirt, street and everything in between. “There are so many ways to participate in the sport,” Sarah said. “Naturally, I’m motivated by the desire to keep motorcycling viable in terms of anti-motorcycle legislation, but I think, just like the MSF says, ‘the more you know the better it gets’ is so true. There is always another discipline of motorcycling to discover, whether as a rider or a spectator, so my motivation peaks with every new connection I make through motorcycling.”

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