WomenRidersNow.com: a female rider hangout for 10 years

Publish Date: 
Jul 17, 2014

LIVINGSTON, Mont. - WomenRidersNow.com (WRN) is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015 as an online magazine serving women riders and the men who ride with women.

“A decade ago the concept of women motorcyclists as a viable demographic segment was an obscure thought in motorcycle industry leaders’ minds,” said founder Genevieve Schmitt, a 2001 Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Inductee. “I launched WomenRidersNow.com almost 10 years ago as a one-stop resource for all things women and motorcycling. My goal was to bring together all the elements — women’s gear, women’s events, motorcycles for women, the female racing community — just to name a few — and report on them as a way of validating the women’s motorcycling segment therefore showing the industry that there is real value to the female riding demographic.

“WomenRidersNow.com was the place online for women motorcyclists to ‘hang out’ and learn from one another long before there was Facebook,” she added.

In 2003, before WomenRidersNow.com was launched, 18.4 percent of the motorcycle rider population was female. Research conducted in 2012 indicated that 24.8 percent of the rider population is now female, Schmitt said.

Schmitt added that the motorcycle industry has an opportunity over the next decade to capture a generation of strong, adventurous and assertive women, if it plays its cards right.  “With the power and influence women have in the home, in the workplace and in consumer markets it’s only natural women will want to affirm themselves in activities that express their independence,” Schmitt said.

“Motorcycling has benefitted from, what I believe, has been organic growth thus far, but if this industry truly wants to grow the number of women riding their own motorcycles, it must step up and lay out the welcome mat like so many other industries have done.”

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