Woodcraft develops ergonomic, crash protection adds for Grom 125

Publish Date: 
Aug 27, 2014
By Bruce Steever

WINCHENDON, Mass. – Woodcraft, known for its race-ready crash protection and ergonomic accessories, has turned its attention to Honda’s pint-sized success, the Grom 125.

Woodcraft calls the Grom the playbike of the year, and stated that the intention was “to provide a full line of our best products for this unique and versatile machine.”

Despite the Grom’s light weight, like any bike, the Honda can benefit from crash protection like any other machine. Similar in design to Woodcraft’s patented Frame Sliders, the Grom axle sliders ($59.99) feature a perpendicular bolt to attach the impact puck. This mounting design allows for a solid puck face, providing more sliding surface, and easier replacements after a crash, the company noted.

On the ergonomic front, Woodcraft has created a version of its adjustable rearsets ($429 retail) for the Grom as well, to put the rider’s feet where they need for the best control possible.  Two eccentric footpeg mounting locations allow the rider to customize the position to suit his or her needs, and permit the Grom to be changed over to GP-style (1 up, 3 down) shifting if desired.

Finally, to add both function and style, your Grom customers can add Woodcraft’s billet sprocket cover ($59.99). The cover is especially recommended with the Woodcraft rearsets to facilitate the change in shift pattern, but riders can add the cover just for its good looks, too.