World's Fastest Panhead 'The Assalt Weapan' Runs D&D Performance Exhaust

D&D Performance Enterprises designed a land speed racing (LSR) exhaust system for's 5-Ball Racing Team, who set a new world record on their Panhead with famed drag racer Valerie Thompson at the controls.

The team ran 156.171 mph and took an AMA World Land Speed Record (No. 50 in the 2000 APS PF class) with "The Assalt Weapan," a 120-inch rigid Panhead.

The design of the exhaust system was made by the "Pope of Pipe" and D&D President Dave Rash. The stepped pipe system starts out at 1 7/8-inch pipe for 14 inches and then steps up to 2-inch unit until each pipe is exactly 35 inches long. The pipes then go into a collector and attach to a slip-on megaphone pipe.

"This LSR system has been tested to deliver maximum HP at 6,500 to 6,800 rpms," explains Rash. "We've discovered that these race-based 2 into 1 performance pipes generate 20 more horses than single exhausts."

The design of the land speed racing pipe was integral to the performance of the Panhead high performance engine, according to D&D, because it provided the most efficient way to extract expended gases out of the combustion chamber. "It's a pleasure to work with Dave Rash because he studies how to extract performance out of racing and street engines with his exhaust pipe designs," said Keith Ball, Bikernet President. "His assistance helped the team achieve two world records in two years."

"If you cut us, we bleed salt," said Dave Rash. "We are proud of the effort of Bandit and his 5-Ball Racing team put together and we are excited about the results and even more excited about working with the team in 2008."

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