WPS partners with Supercross, Motocross team L&Mc Racing

Publish Date: 
Aug 21, 2012

BOISE, IDAHO - Western Power Sports is partnering up with L&Mc Racing, the Supercross and Motocross team owned and operated by Larry Brooks and Jeremy McGrath, in a longterm sponsorship.

The deal is part of an effort aimed at helping establish the distributor as a brand. Company official officially announced the sponsorship last week during the 2012 WPS Annual Sales Meeting to a roomful of cheering sales reps and vendors gathered at the WPS headquarters for a group lunch.

In an interview with Dealernews, WPS president Craig Shoemaker said the decision to sponsor the team as WPS and not through one of its house brands is part of a drive to make Western Power Sports front of mind in dealerships nationwide. Perhaps, he says, someone will see the WPS name out and about and make the connection the next time a sales rep walks into the store.

"We're still growing and in some markets, people are still learning who we are," Shoemaker said. "We feel like with the momentum  that we have, that maybe it's time to move forward another notch."

L&Mc Racing is backed by seven-time supercross champ McGrath and multi-team title champion Brooks. Its riders include racer Andrew Short. In a video released by WPS, Brooks said, "I'm really happy and excited to be part of the WPS family. We've built our relationship with WPS more on the long-term side and that'll allow us to grow the team and add to the team the way that we want to." (Click here to see the video.)

McGrath urged viewers to stay tuned for more updates.

Posted by Dennis Johnson