WPS Sales Meeting: Drag your backside in new Drayko jeans

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Aug 16, 2012

Drayko motorcycle Dealernews powersports DucatiBOISE, IDAHO - When we last left Drayko, the manufacturer of CE-approved riding jeans was dragging willing behinds across asphalt from one end of the planet to the other. Well, the Australian-based company is still at it.

Appearing for the second time at Western Power Sports Annual Sales Meeting, Drayko unveiled a handful of new designs of the reenforced riding pants that look more like everyday jeans than something that's designed to save your bacon when the hiney hits the road.

drayko motorcycle Dealernews For 2012 Drayko is bringing its Drift pant and Traffic pant. The Drift is the company's No. 1 seller worldwide, said sales manager William Cope. The Traffic will feature knee pockets for armor.

For those unawares, Drayko's lineup of riding pants are high-tech abrasion-resistant togs that are built using a lining of knitted Kevlar and Dyneema. They're designed to meet CE standards and have several features geared for motorcycle riders.

One of the brand's best marketing features has been the drag test used by company founder, Grant Mackintosh. In it, Mackintosh (and many others since) demonstrate the abrasion-resistance of the jeans by being dragged by a motorcycle across the blacktop, butt down, legs up.

What are those safety features protecting hineys worldwide? Reinforced seams. No rivets on the back. Loose leg to fit comfortably over a boot. There are even short pockets so riders are discouraged from carrying items that could potentially harm them in a crash. And, it's all built into a pant that's made to look like regular clothing.

"That's our whole push. We want to make regular clothes safer," Cope said.

Coming shortly to WPS' catalog are a version of Drayko's cargo pant in black. These feature the same safety features and lining as the other Drayko pants.

Posted by Dennis Johnson

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