WPS Sales Meeting: Drayko unveils CE-Level 2 armored jean for U.S. market

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

BOISE, Idaho - With other armored jeans manufacturers now entering the U.S. market, Australia’s Drayko is upping the ante with a new performance riding jean and khaki cargo pants.

The Australian brand, distributed by WPS, sells a line of stretch-denim, Kevlar/Dyneema constructed garments with road abrasion ratings of 4.4 seconds. Garment linings are made in North Carolina.

The khaki Cargo pants are designed to be comfortable and lightweight enough for riding in warm weather, company sales manager William Cope told WPS representatives gathered this week in Boise for the distributor’s national sales meeting.

The Cargo pant is also available in black. An online search showed that both styles are already being sold through some online retail outlets in the U.S.

What we hadn't found yet online was the new Holeshot -- the company’s first CE-Level 2 fully-lined jean, which is to be sold exclusively through WPS, Cope said. The Holeshot (retailing for about $350) features Forcefield hip and knee armor as standard and a COOLMAX lining that prevents friction burn, “and is the only jean that you can wear on a European track,” he added.

A new Traffik jean, developed initially for the Italian market, features interior pockets for knee pads (provided as an option).

Cope recommends that dealers select one style with a full size run to start. “After the first [style] starts turning, then add a second style,” Cope said. “One of this, one of that doesn’t work,” he noted.

Posters, counter stands, catalogs and videos of drag tests are available, Cope said.