WPS Sales Meeting: FLY gets Leatt brace, chest protectors, hydro packs

Publish Date: 
Aug 17, 2012
By Dennis Johnson

BOISE, IDAHO - It was only at last year's Western Power Sports sales meeting that the news broke about Leatt's deal to make neck braces for the distributor's Fly Racing branded lineup.

This time around the neck brace pioneers have a brand new brace for the FLY line, along with a series of branded chest protectors and hydration packs.

Fly Racing Leatt neck braceIn his presentation to sales reps, Leatt's Phil Davy pointed out various selling points for educating dealers about the braces, with the admonition that it is the company's job to save as many people as possible, and while the brace doesn't prevent neck trauma, it helps increase the chance of surviving a bad neck injury.

Leatt Fly Racing neck braceOne such point? A handout that detailed how a brace can protect a rider. Through extensive laboratory testing and research, the company — founded by trauma surgeon Dr. Chris Leatt — identified the reduction in forces to a person wearing a brace in various types of neck injuries as opposed to having no brace.

Leatt's expanded offerings under the FLY Racing logo include three chest protectors — one child model and two for adults — that feature CE-certified level 2 roost protection. One of the adult models has Level 2 front and back protection.

The products should be stocked in WPS warehouses in November.

The hydration systems include the H4 harness pack; the H2 harness system and the SP1 brace system, which attaches to a neck brace. All feature the company's Helmet Hands-Free drinking system, which allows a rider to mount the drinking tube to the helmet, feed it through the mouth vent and have it at the ready to drink from without taking his or her hands from the handlebars.

Posted by Dennis Johnson

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