WPS Sales Meeting: Leatt brings in new neck brace, chest protector for FLY

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

BOISE, Idaho - Leatt contends that dealers sell only two items designed to save a customer's life: a helmet and a neck brace. That being said, why wouldn't dealers not only carry both, but actively sell both?

That's the message Leatt's Phil Davy was telling WPS sales reps this week at the distributor's national sales meeting as he showed two new pieces of armor the company will brand for FLY in the coming season. 

The new Five Five neck brace set to debut with FLY branding offers the following improvements, according to Davy: 
  • It only takes about 30 seconds for a dealer associate to get it out of the box, click it into position and set it up on the display.
  • It's almost as easy for a dealer salesperson to adjust it to the customer's frame.
  • It has softened material that lets the rider's chin and the side of his helmet strike and dig in, rather than slide off to the side.  "You want the helmet to strike the side of the brace and stick," Davy said.
  • It eliminates the need for extra padding kits which riders can (yuck) forget to clean; now,  you can spray wash the brace at the same time you're washing your bike.

PHOTOS: Leatt's Phil Davy (above) shows the benefits of the new Five Five neck brace for FLY, and WPS Texas rep Ed Coker (left) models the Five Five with the Leatt Roost Guard. (Dealernews photos)

Davy also showed off the company's new CE-Level 2-rated Pro Lite Chest Protector to be available under the FLY brand.  

"This is the highest level of CE protection available," Davy said. The Pro Lite will be available in three sizes.

(And that much anticipated kids all-in-one chest protector/neck brace? It will be available later this year from Leatt and in 2014 from FLY, Davy said.)