WPS Sales Meeting: Motion Pro unveils new anodized products

Publish Date: 
Aug 13, 2010
By Mary Green Slepicka

BOISE, Idaho - Selling tools in your dealership is a way to get customers into your store, and it doesn’t have to compete with your sales operation. That was Motion Pro’s message this week to Western Power Sports sales representatives.

The company was in Boise this week for the distributor’s annual sales meeting, which included three days of vendor breakout sessions to indoctrinate the WPS sales force on new products being introduced to the marketplace this fall.WPS is a sales engine for the California-based tool company, having the highest growth rate of any Motion Pro distributor in the powersports industry, according to Brandon Baldwin.

Baldwin’s mantra to the WPS sales reps was to convince dealers that they must keep parts in stock lest they turn over market share to Internet retailers. “Dealers must have it in stock, or the customer will go online,” he said.

New this year is the T3 SlideLight Cable which offers 20 percent less friction than other cables, according to Baldwin, and outlasts OEM cables reportedly by 50,000 cycles or more. Another product grabbing the reps’ interest is the new Oil Filter Magnet which lasts for up to five oil changes. New packaging makes it an attractive add-on product for a dealer’s oil filter rack, Baldwin said. The company also is pushing its “Tool Center” product display.

Motion Pro is anodizing most of its parts lineup in its signature color blue in order to differentiate its products from knockoffs, Baldwin noted.