WPS Sales Meeting: Scott's new Hustle goggles ships to dealers in October


Scott USA debuted its new Hustle line of goggles to Western Power Sports sales representatives this week and confirmed that dealer shipments of the new series will begin in October, one month later than other new Scott goggles.

Ordering alert: All models for 2011 will have new parts numbers, an action necessitated by Scott’s adoption of a new corporate logo, according to Rian Timmons, distributor sales manager.

Although Scott is introducing new ProAir, Si, OTG and Recoil products, the company is most excited over its new Hustle line of snocross and MX eyewear. The off-road model features a new “fit system” that allows a rider to mechanically adjust the unit for a custom face and nose fit. The fit system accommodates four different positions on each cheek and increases or decreases the angle on the nose for reduced pinch.

The Hustle series has a unique, no-fog Lexan lens providing greater peripheral vision and that’s tearoff-compatible. It also features a reduced width to accommodate smaller portal helmets, Timmons said.

The Hustle Snocross goggle features an air control system lens to mitigate fog. Its new multilayer floam wicks away moisture and airflow and provides greater protection against wind burn in cold weather.

In other news, the company’s new Recoil is replacing the 83x as an entry level goggle, and features a structure that provides more downward vision. The Recoil Pro replaces the 89xi.

The 87 OTG with turbo flow lens features a Haber fog eliminator, which basically does what it says: it’s a battery-powered device that attaches to the top of the goggle and helps remove fog and humidity.

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