Xtreme Machines: 'Show' of service from the Jersey boys

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2011
By Bruce Steever

XTREME MACHINES FEATURES a monolithic storefront that’s impossible to miss from the highway. And one would think that inside this large Millstone, N.J., dealership (nearly 35,000 sq. ft.), it would be easy to get lost in the noise. But this family-owned Top 100 dealer ensured such a thing would never happen, using a combination of smart building design, constant staff training, fun events and great Service work.

Representing nine OEM brands and myriad of parts and accessories, the problem was not finding space, but making sure that the staff could take advantage of the inventory. So Xtreme Machines keeps its staff sharp with updated training and sales tools.

“It is definitely a difficult task with so many different manufacturers and product lines,” explains co-owner Mike Resciniti. “But a lot of that has to do with the people we hire and the manufacturers’ reps. Having people that ride and understand different types of vehicles in each department definitely helps out to ensure that one department doesn’t overpower another. Generally, we hire them with their specialty, but we wouldn’t not hire an additional employee just because there is some overlap in that applicant’s specialty.

"Ultimately, we look for people who have a willingness to get things done and are able to switch from role to role as seasons and conditions require,” Resciniti says.

The same goes for manufacturer reps. Resciniti owns the store along with brother Joseph and parents Genevieve and Michael. For his money, the better vendor reps are the ones who take an active interest in his business. Not only do these reps help out with merchandising, keep product updated, provide promo displays and make regular visits, the better brands also provide training and education for his staff. This, he notes, is important.

“On the sales side of things, it is very similar. We have one manufacturer rep whose specialty is the marine side. He sells bikes and ATVs, too, but his specialty is watercraft, and that helps keep those product lines fresh in our location,” he says.

“Of all the brands, the best support and training we see come from Tucker Rocky, Yamaha and Polaris. Tucker Rocky has a variety of videos and product commercials that are good for staff and customers, and Yamaha and Polaris do a good job of not only updating their training programs, but promoting them, too,” Resciniti adds.


Xtreme Machines also makes a special effort to train staff. Training is a constant process for every member of the team. Service members are required to attend training and model updates, and staff are encouraged to utilize various web-learning tools.