Xtreme Machines: 'Show' of service from the Jersey boys

Publish Date: 
Nov 1, 2011
By Bruce Steever


Go big, or go home. Finally, there’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned marketing and events (with the latest tools, of course). Xtreme Machines makes use of social media and Internet sales with a full-time staff member who runs the dealership’s Web presence and accounts on sites such as Craigslist and eBay.

Meanwhile, the staff as a whole helps run events as varied as blood drives, golf tournaments and a very popular Bikes and Babes BBQ. While Resciniti doesn’t tie a huge number of sales directly to Facebook and Twitter, he is a big believer in large-scale events. And Resciniti knows what he’s looking for when planning a new marketing exercise.

“We look at what we’re going to do to promote the event,” he explains. “If a promoter comes to us and doesn’t know how to promote the event, there’s no use in spending time with it because you won’t get results. So we look for impact.

"We’re close to the local motocross track, so we promote there and sell plenty of Leatt Braces to racers. We customized a Can-Am Spyder for a local vet who had lost his legs. Weather can get in the way sometimes, but we’ve never had an event that wasn’t a success. With something like the barbecue, we teamed up with local riders’ groups, musical talent and food vendors with proceeds going to breast cancer research. Mass fliers and e-newsletters went out, and there was a great turnout.”

With Xtreme Machines, the concept of service is pervasive. Whether it is a new TIG welder or a sales technique Web seminar, the tools are in place to allow the staff to service the bike and the customer with obvious attention to detail. In a way, Resciniti runs a dealership mirrored by the viewing area in his service department.

“We hire professional people,” Resciniti says, “and expect them to act professional. We’ve never had an issue with people watching. What you see is what you get.”

This story originally appeared in the November 2011 issue of Dealernews.