Yamaha announces ATV manufacturing move from Japan to United States


Yamaha Motor Corp. USA today officially announced that it’s moving the majority of its ATV production from locations worldwide to a centralized facility in Newnan, Ga.

Dealernews announced Yamaha's decision to move ATV production to Newnan, Ga., back in February.

"This production transfer shows Yamaha's commitment to this facility and the U.S. motorsports market — the world's largest ATV market," said Yamaha Motorsports president Henio Arcangeli Jr. "Manufacturing ATVs in Georgia will allow Yamaha to respond more quickly to its customers' demands while streamlining its supply chain and distribution processes.”

Arcangeli Jr. also notes that the move will benefit the local economy, as well as American parts supplier businesses. When the move to the $250 million facility is complete, the company says, it could mean the addition of more than 200 jobs in the facility, as well as lead to added jobs at the more than 125 U.S. parts supplier companies.

These “Assembled in the U.S.A.”-labeled ATV models will be announced on June 8 as part of the company’s unveiling of select 2012 offerings.

Posted by Cynthia Furey