YAMAHA BRAG SHEETS: Press reviews for Bolt, FJR1300

Publish Date: 
May 15, 2013

CYPRESS, Calif. - Yamaha has collected portions of press reviews of the new Bolt and FJR1300 and placed them on three-page illustrated documents.

Click here to download a PDF of the Bolt document; click here to download the one for the FJR1300.

Snippets of the quotes related to the Bolt:

  • Cycle World: “If bikes were dance partners, I’d want the Star Bolt to be mine. This, I’m thinking as I twirl and dip the new bobber around. … The bolt is the best kind of partner. You lead, it follows. Effortless.”
  • Motorcyclist: “Riding the Bolt is just plain fun. The engine delivers a satisfying, subtle V-twin pulse with a civilized but throaty exhaust note. … Thick torque, flawless fueling, and smooth clutch engagement make the bike easy to launch.”
  • Motorcycle.com: “Ample power, responsive handling, great looking — it’s everything you could want in a city cruiser.”
  • Motorcycle-USA.com: “The base Bolt is a lot of bike for $7,990. Even at that price, Star didn’t skimp on fit and finish, from its dirt track-style bars, digital gauge to the steel fenders.”
  • Crave Online: “An ample seat, carefully laid out ergonomics and well-tuned suspension make it a comfortable ride over short and medium distances. I road it off and on for the better part of eight hours and walked away comfortably.”
  • MotorcycleDaily.com: “The exhaust note is loud enough to hear at freeway speeds, and it’s got just the right roar.”

Snippets of the quotes related to the FJR1300:

  • Cycle World: “Whatever the reason, twisting the right grip with Drive-mode in Sport is answered with a primal growl from the drivetrain and an instantaneous forward thrust. … Even in top gear, the acceleration often is stronger than what some bikes can manage in any gear.”
  • Motorcycle-USA.com: “Bottom line, Yamaha has taken an already solid touring platform and made it smoother, more powerful and keeps the price competitive.”
  • Cycle News: “Many things quickly stood out for us but probably none more so than the FJR’s just plain good handling. … From what we can tell, it’s a better FJR in every way.”
  • Sport Rider Magazine: “The new fairing/windscreen is a major improvement over the previous unit, especially when the screen is raised to its highest position.”
  • Rider Magazine: “Modernized instrumentation and switchgear really enhance the 2013 FJR1300 riding experience.”
  • Motorcycle.com: “Traction control is impressive, too, as whacking the throttle open on wet pavement from a stop produced hardly noticeable intervention. In fact, if it wasn’t for the flashing light on the dash, I wouldn’t have known.”
  • MotorcycleDaily.com: “Long-distance comfort is impressive. The two-position-adjustable seat, clad in a new seat cover with Nubuck-esque ‘high quality’ side trim, is wide and supportive.”

Posted by Arlo Redwine