Yamaha Entices PWC Dealers With '100 Percent Co-op'

Publish Date: 
Feb 13, 2009

YAMAHA Watercraft Group introduces a program in which PWC dealers can use their co-op funds with no out-of-pocket expense. For every dollar in their fund, they can spend 50 cents on television advertising.

“We don’t want our dealers to go in a hole and not communicate with their customers because they’re cash-strapped,” Bryan Seti, the group’s national marketing manager, tells Dealernews. “This is a tool that allows dealers who are tight on cash to advertise. This is in addition to the regular co-op program that we offer.”

The regular program requires dealers to supplement the co-op funds with their own cash. Depending on their ordering level with Yamaha, they have to foot 20 percent to 50 percent of the advertising bill. The amount of money in a dealership’s fund is a small percentage of the dollar amount spent with Yamaha.

Because dealers placed orders for 2009 units after last summer’s dealer meeting, Yamaha can already tell them exactly how much they have to spend.

Yamaha itself does the actual buying of advertising. “This program is almost no paperwork for the dealership,” Seti claims.

Yamaha has about 700 PWC and 300 boat dealers in the United States, some of which overlap.