Yamaha intros '14 WaveRunner lineup, new SVHO engine

Publish Date: 
Aug 12, 2013

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha’s 2014 WaveRunner lineup is the company’s largest ever, and it is headlined by two new luxury performance models.

The lineup also marks the debut of the Yamaha Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) marine engine, the most powerful WaveRunner motor to date, according to the OEM.

The SVHO is an 1812cc, four-stroke, four-cylinder supercharged and intercooled Yamaha marine engine. Models with the SVHO engine also have a new 160mm, eight-vein jet pump. Cooling efficiency has been increased by 25 percent, the supercharger air intake has been upped by 20 percent, and the supercharger boost has a 60 percent increase. The SVHO also features a new oil cooling system, high-performance forged pistons and an advanced fuel injection system.

FX SVHO Series
The new flagship models in Yamaha’s WaveRunner lineup include the FX Cruiser SVHO and FX SVHO, both powered by the new engine. The FX luxury performance line features the new SVHO engine and a NanoXcel hull and deck.

The FX Cruiser SVHO ($15,399) has capacity for up to three passengers and includes Yamaha’s Cruiser seat, an extended rear platform and extra stern storage. The FX SVHO ($14,799) is the sportier counterpart to the Cruiser, offering upgraded performance components.

FZ Series
The FZR and FZS return for 2014 with the new SVHO engine as well as a litany of upgraded components. The racing-inspired models both feature new sponsons, ride plate, and top loader intake grate.

The FZS ($14,499) has Hydro-Turf mats, a redesigned seat and rally car-style gauges. A reboarding ladder and tow hook complete the package. The FZR ($14,499) has less frills but more of a racing style, which is what Yamaha says gives it the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

VX Series
The VX series is Yamaha’s value WaveRunner line and includes the VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe. Both models are 65 pounds lighter and, like the other WaveRunner models, have a hull and deck constructed of NanoXCel material. Yamaha also says that the 2014 VX Series has better acceleration, handling and fuel efficiency.

The VX Cruiser ($9,799) and the VX Deluxe ($9,499) both hold up to three passengers and are powered by a 1052cc 4-cylinder Yamaha marine engine.

Other WaveRunner models returning in 2014 include the FX Cruiser SHO ($14,999), FX SHO ($14,399), FX Cruiser HO ($13,399), FX HO ($12,899), VXR ($11,699), VXS ($11,399), VX Sport ($7,999), and the competition-only SuperJet ($8,499).  

Posted by Beth Dolgner. Images courtesy Yamaha.