Yamaha launches anime series to promote MT-07, MT-09

Publish Date: 
Mar 20, 2014

IWATA, Japan - Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. has released the first episode of an original entertainment anime series titled "Master of Torque" that portrays the exploits of three young motorcycle riders in a semi-fictional Tokyo set in the near future.

Episodes will be released on a special website and on the official Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. YouTube channel with four episodes running into the summer.

The anime series was created in Japan for a global audience of all ages and nationalities. It sends a message about the fun of riding motorcycles and the kind of lifestyle they can bring using Yamaha's MT-09 and MT-07 models and their product characteristics. This will be communicated within an animated world with a Japan-centric theme expressing the image of Yamaha’s large-displacement motorcycles.

In addition to the series itself, the website will feature content introducing National Route 246 and other actual locations that appear in the story and interesting aspects of Japanese culture. The series and the website will serve as a platform for presenting an animated world that portrays "Japan" as well as Japanese values and aesthetics to a wide-ranging audience.

Traditionally, promotions to communicate the image and appeal of Yamaha large-displacement motorcycles have shown them in use in the urban areas or natural environments of Europe or North America. As a visual production from Japan, this series breaks out of that pattern and presents the image of the Yamaha MT-09 and MT-07 and the lifestyles they offer within an animated world with a Japan-centric theme.

Posted by Holly Wagner