Yamaha Launches PWC Customer Care Program


It's called "High Output CSI," and it's Yamaha's new customer satisfacation program unveiled in mid-August at Yamaha's watercraft dealer meeting in Washington, D.C.

There are three tiers to the program. Each tier offers more dealer rewards than the previous one. Certain requirements must be met at each tier in order for a dealer to receive benefits and move forward. The program begins at a base level that focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, and the performance requirements become more complex as the dealer moves up the ladder. In some cases, according to Yamaha, the rewards can add up to "thousands of dollars" for a dealer.

The program is designed to reward dealers for providing "exceptional service" to their customers. "The High Output CSI program is a simple, clear and effective way for dealers to drive customer satisfaction at their dealership, differentiate their business in the market, and receive financial incentives from Yamaha," the OEM stated.