Yamaha launches site to dispel Rhino myths

Publish Date: 
Jun 24, 2009

YAMAHA says it has launched www.TruthAboutRhino.com to combat a recent flurry of inaccurate information and negative advertisements targeting the vehicle. The site also encourages Rhino customers and the off-road industry to show their support.

From the original 2004 Rhino 660 introduction to today, TruthAboutRhino.com documents key points in the vehicle’s history.

Sections of the site offer Yamaha’s safety recommendations and product specifications. Others highlight the many awards and accolades that the Rhino has received.

Visitors to the site can find Yamaha history and general corporate background, and Rhino customers can “Rally Around the Rhino” by filling out an online form or e-mailing messages or questions to info@truthaboutrhino.com.

The new website includes details on the March 31, 2009, Consumer Product Safety Commission repair program announcement, which Yamaha says has been inaccurately described as a recall.

“What has been lost in the firestorm of negative, inaccurate information about the Rhino is that the vast majority of our customers and SxS enthusiasts absolutely love their vehicles and its role in pioneering the SxS segment in the industry,” Steve Nessl, marketing manager for Yamaha’s ATV & SxS Group, said in a press release. “In reality, statistics show that more than 99 percent of Rhino customers have never reported any claim or incident, a fact never mentioned in the plaintiff attorney ads or websites where they troll for new clients. We decided it was time to create a home online for ourselves where accurate information about our vehicle can be found.”

Some customer and fan feedback is also already posted on the site, including a video compilation from the most recent Rhino Rally in Glamis. Yamaha says it plans to update the site on a regular basis with more news, fun events, photos, videos and comments from the public.