Yamaha recalling 3,900 Bolts for wiring harness fix

Publish Date: 
Jul 19, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Yamaha Motor Co. is recalling 3,900 Bolt motorcycles for a problem with the wiring harness, NHTSA announced.

The wiring harness may "slack or sag," according to Yamaha, which would allow it to contact the exhaust manifold, causing the wires to melt and possibly short circuit. If a short circuit occurs, the fuses will blow, causing the engine to stall. A stall while the motorcycle is in operation increases the risk of a crash.

The recall affects roughly 3,900 Yamaha 2014-model-year XVS950CU motorcycles. The number of bikes to be recalled will be updated in a supplemental report as Yamaha finalizes the affected VIN range.

Yamaha is notifying owners. Dealers are asked to inspect the wiring harness and secure it away from the exhaust. Any damaged wiring harnesses will be replaced first.

The recall is expected to begin by the end of july.