Yamaha recalls V-Stars for fuel hose issue; Honda to replace some tire info labels


Two OEMs have issued recalls that are expected to begin on or about Nov. 11, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

The Yamaha recall affects certain model-year 2009-2012 V-Star 950s and 950 touring motorcycles manufactured from October 2008 through August 2011; and 2007 model-year V-Star 1300s and 1300 Tourers manufactured from August 2005 through March 2007. An “improperly molded fuel hose” may weaken the seal between the fuel pipes for the fuel injectors and the fuel hose, according to NHTSA. “Over time, pressurized fuel can begin leaking at the hose connection points, which could result in a fire hazard,” the agency stated.

The Yamaha recall is expected to begin Nov. 11. Dealers will be asked to replace the fuel delivery pipe free of charge. The potential number of vehicles affected is 1,069, according to NHTSA.

Honda is recalling about 120 2010 model-year NT700Vs manufactured on Nov. 26-27, 2009 for a faulty label. The tire information label on the swingarm may display incorrect tire size and air pressure specifications, according to NHTSA. Honda is mailing the correct tire information labels, along with installation instructions, to owners, who can replace the labels themselves or have the dealer do it for free.

Posted by Mary Slepicka