Yamaha Reveals Product For Tokyo Show

Last week we told you what Honda plans to display at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, to be held Oct. 27 through Nov. 11.

This week Japan's Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced plans to exhibit 19 models at its booth.

The five models likely to garner the most attention all come in the form of prototypes: the BW's Concept, WR250X Special, Majesty Special, MT-OS and XT660Z Tenere.

A modified variation of Yamaha's already-available BW's scooter, the BW's Concept features block-pattern tires and upgrades to the suspension and brakes.→

A supermoto with bling, the WR250X Special features a newly developed engine and aluminum frame. Yamaha describes it as "a premium street sports model that inherits the name and DNA of the WR competition models."

Take a stock Majesty and add updated handlebars and switch boxes, an instrument panel with plated molding, a real leather seat, a projector-type LED headlight and a couple of other doodads and you have the Majesty Special, a prototype maxi-scooter.→

Based on the never-sold-in-the-U.S. MT-01, the MT-OS features a monstrous air-cooled V-twin and some of the most advanced suspension components available. It's a bike we'll probably never get a chance to purchase. A pity, too, since Yamaha says it was designed to be "the ultimate quality adult hobby bike."

Made in Brazil and also unlikely to find its way across the U.S. border, the XT660Z Tenere offers rally styling in a street-legal package and is as capable of urban commuting as it is for exploring the desert. Hmm, with dual-sport sales on the up-tick in the U.S. while other markets decline...