Yamaha Sales Leaders: Get Certified, get Noticed


Yamaha Motor Corp. is launching a new training and recognition program for sales personnel through Yamaha Motor University. The new program will be known as the Yamaha Sales Academy and offers retail sales professionals the opportunity to become a certified salesman or saleswoman by completing a set of on line training courses built around product knowledge and customer service.


Each certified salesperson will earn a diploma and a special name badge while the dealership earns recognition on Yamaha’s online dealer locator with a YSA icon indicating they have a certified salesperson on staff.

"With the success we have had with the Yamaha Technical Academy certification program, which recognizes dealership technicians, we wanted to provide a reward to the dealership sales leaders who go the extra mile to learn all they can about Yamaha and Star products while honing their customer service skills" says Bill Kubes, YMU manager.


Yamaha anticipates recognizing several hundred YSA certified salespeople over the next few months.

posted by Dennis Johnson