Yamaha Shows Another Six Prototypes

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. plans to display 19 vehicles at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, Oct. 27-Nov. 11. We already showed you four of the prototypes; now take a look at another six — all fuel cell and electric powered vehicles.

The Tesseract is a hybrid four-wheeled vehicle powered by a combination of a liquid-cooled V-twin gasoline engine and an electric motor. It is also designed with a unique dual-scythe suspension that enables cornering with a lean like a motorcycle despite the four-wheel format. There is also a dual arm-lock system that keeps the machine upright when at rest without a stand.

The LUXAIR is a hybrid type motorcycle with a gasoline engine and an electric motor that function in parallel, with the electric motor kicking in during acceleration to assist the engine and switching over when cruising to perform a electricity generating function that re-charges the battery. The engine-brake force created during deceleration is also used to generate electricity to charge the battery. Yamaha's super-thin YIPU (Yamaha Intelligent Power Unit) is built into the rear hub to provide the electric power assist during acceleration and when wheeling the vehicle by hand, and it also provides a reverse function. Designed in collaboration with Yamaha's music division, this model also mounts a special audio system.

Developed with funding assistance from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), the FC-Dii is an evolution of the "FC-me" fuel cell motorcycle unveiled in 2005. It now features a detachable lithium-ion battery for easier recharging and readily available modular design components.

The Bobby was designed to be an electric commuter vehicle, and comes with a collapsible seat and fold-in rear wheel, handlebars and footrests for compact, convenient storage. The bike is equipped to access the Internet, and owners of a cell phone with FeliCa function (developed by Sony Corp.) can turn the vehicle on and off simply by holding their cell phone up to the on/off switch. Yamaha says the egg-like C3+ is a no-frills "minimum electric commuter" bike designed with a lightweight, compact body featuring a helmet storage space.

Finally, the FC-AQEL is a fuel cell motorcycle powered by compressed hydrogen gas and a secondary rechargeable battery.