Yamaha tests dealer marketing program for Super Tenere

Publish Date: 
Mar 6, 2014
By Bruce Steever

ALONG WITH the updates for 2014, the Super Ténéré will be getting a big marketing push for the coming year, due to deal the OEM has secured with RawHyde Adventures and Touratech.

Select Yamaha dealers in California and Oregon, in a pilot program, will be provided with presentations, displays, flooring, aftermarket packages and even training rides.

We talked with both Michael Okano, Yamaha’s national sales manager for motorsports, and Jim Hyde, owner of RawHyde Adventures, to learn more.

Dealernews: How did Yamaha and RawHyde come together?

Michael Okano: Jim and I met a couple years ago. We hooked up when we originally had the vision of the Super Ténéré coming to this country.

There were a number of challenges for us. One of them was the [BMW] GS series. It had been in the market in the U.S. for quite some time and had established quite a footprint. We knew we were coming in with a unit that was going to be completely unknown to the general motorcycling public in the U.S.

What makes the Ténéré unique in the Yamaha lineup, and how will that translate into marketing efforts?

Okano: I am passionate about the whole adventure genre. I want to expose our potential customers to the actual use of the unit. That’s when Jim and I hooked up on ‘how can we do this?’ How can we take this unit, in the significant numbers coming to the U.S., and engage not only the consumers but engage our dealers, too.

We need to promote the Ténéré and create some kind of aura for the customer to give them a reason to come in and kick tires and look at the bike. Jim and I have the same vision: let’s get these guys out riding them, and dropping them, making stories, having fun, and of course, replacing some parts while they actually are using the units as intended. That’s what drives the business, and that’s what drives the industry.

Jim Hyde: So we brainstormed about how we can connect, starting with a pilot project and [approximately] 10 selected area dealers. We’re going to put on a three-way presentation that has RawHyde, Touratech and Yamaha involved.

I will personally be conducting the first few presentations that we do at Yamaha dealerships. We will take control of a group of customers coming in for an evening to view our presentation about adventure riding. Content will be good, inspirational, and we’ll have some calls to action. We’ll be able to have dealers attract customers with our movie and presentation. While we’re there, we’ll be able to connect with owners, dealership managers and salespeople and help them understand what this is really all about.

We’ve also brainstormed about bringing the Yamaha area managers up to RawHyde to indoctrinate them a little bit more and help them understand what this marketplace is all about, so that they can, in turn, communicate a little bit more effectively with their dealers. It’s absolutely a grassroots attempt to develop the lifestyle within the Yamaha dealership.

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