YMU "Game Module" Training Surpasses 100,000 Completions

The following is a news release from Yamaha Motor Co.

Cypress Ca. Cypress, CA – Training professionals are often in search of ways to stimulate, challenge, and engage their audience enough to keep them coming back for more. For the Training Division at Yamaha Motor Corporation, one new way has proven very successful.

On April 15, 2009 Donald “Andy” Beckmann, Dealer Principle of Turn One Motorsports in Plymouth, Indiana, marked an all-new milestone for Yamaha Motor Corporation when he completed the 100,000th Game Module by completing Yamaha’s award-winning Star Road Trip Game.

Developed by Yamaha Motor University (YMU), the “Game Modules” were designed to help Yamaha sales staff become premier product experts for retailing Yamaha motorcycles and ATV’s and Star Motorcycles. YMU delivered this highly engaging game-based program to Yamaha dealers nationwide, and in eight months it quickly surpassed 100,000 game completions.

To celebrate this achievement, Mr. Beckmann was awarded a new iPod touch for completing the 100,000th game.

When asked to describe his experience with Yamaha’s new training strategy, Beckmann said it went “beyond the normal scope of regular training.” By engaging learners in a cross-country road trip theme and allowing each individual to compete against his or her peers across the nation, Beckmann said, “It was more fun” and “my retention level was higher because of it.” Beckmann also added, “I really like that it broke down each bike individually [and] the fact that it did tell you where you could reference the answer. When you’re on the sales floor, if you know where to find the answer, it’s so much more reputable [to your customers].”

“Yamaha is providing the most exciting products to us right now,” said Beckmann.

Joe Dagley, YMU Division Manager added, “The dealer feedback we have received regarding our product training modules has been very positive. The YMU team is very proud of achieving this 100,000 milestone.”

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