Yoshimura offers complete EFI adjustability


Complete EFI adjustability and data management with the PIM-2 and DATA Box can now be had on 2011 applications. Yoshimura R&D’s PIM-2 is a newer version of the company’s dirtbike/ATV fuel-injection adjustment device. It features plug-and-play installation, and comes with two separate fuel injection maps for the Yoshimura slip-on or full system, and you can also download other maps on the company’s website for free. Other features include an easy-to-read screen and instructional DVD. The DATA Box houses an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the PIM-2 to allow for self-mapping, the company says.

Applications for the PIM-2 include:
• 2010-11 RM-Z250 (Part no. R-433-2183)
• 2008-11 RM-Z450 (Part no. R-433-2191)
• 2010-11 CRF450R (Part no. R-433-2257A)
• 2011 KX250F (Part no. R-433-2428)
• 2009-11 KX450F (Part no. R-433-2446)
• 2010 YZ450F (Part no. R-433-2348)
• 2011 KTM 350SXF (Part no. 600XX263500)

Contact: Yoshimura R&D of America, 909-628-4722, www.yoshimura-rd.com