Yoshimura unveils franchised dealer-only accessory kits

Publish Date: 
Oct 18, 2013
By Bruce Steever

CHINO, Calif. - What if someone took the time to make a product that was available to franchised dealers only? Something that would drive customers back into brick and motor storefronts? Something cool that people actually wanted?

Yoshimura believes it has done exactly that.

Building on the ideas pioneered by the Yoshimura Suzuki specials sold through Suzuki dealerships across the country, Yoshimura has created the Speed and Style Kit for the new Honda Grom. The company has been touring the new kit at distributor shows throughout the summer.

The kit includes an RS-9 slip-on exhaust, fender eliminator kit, anodized Yoshimura hardware and finishing plugs and graphics kits for both colorways of the 2014 Grom. The kit retails for a special combination price of $899, as compared to the regular price total of $1040.92. The margin differential is even better, with the usual dealer price of $731.90 dropping more than $170 when ordered as a kit.

The hook is that these kits will only be available to licensed Honda dealers, with strict controls regarding online sales and advertising.

Yoshimura reportedly intends to sell the kits to Honda dealers via Parts Unlimited and/or Tucker Rocky, with the same restrictions in place. Depending upon the success of this program, Yoshimura says it’s the beginning of a new way to support dealers, and that new kits for additional brands will be coming soon.

In other Yosh news, the company's latest Vintage Series exhaust has been fitted to Yamaha's new Star Bolt (see photo, left), which will be going into production shortly.