Young company builds fuel injectors for two-stroke engines


A former Ford Motor Co. engineer has developed a fuel injection system for small engines that he says can reduce emissions from motorcycles, ATVs and even lawnmowers.

Kyle Schwulst says an hour on a ride-on lawnmower generates as much pollution as driving a car for hundreds of miles.

"It's something that people don't realize, but the traditional automobile has come a long way in becoming much cleaner than smaller engines," Schwulst told CNN. "So much attention has been paid to automotive engines, but the smaller ones are much more harmful to the environment."

So he started ElectroJet, a 10-person company that develops electronic fuel injection systems for small engines, in 2003. Now the company has a partnership with Magneti Marelli, an Italian manufacturer of high-tech auto components. Theyre developin an electronic fuel-injection system for Indian and Chinese markets.

The components will have the same size and shape as carburetors so OEMs can swap them in with minimal retooling of production lines, to keep costs down.

China and India have been moving to emission standards like those in much of Europe.

ElectroJet has raised about $2.6 million in public and private funding. Now the company is poised to take off. One of its clients designs engine combustion chambers for military drones and has adapted the systems for use on two-stroke engines. That flexibility is a key to the company’s future.

Posted by Holly Wagner