ZAP, China's Lishen to test fleet conversions to electric

Publish Date: 
Jun 11, 2014

SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Electric vehicle maker ZAP is getting a financial boost from Tianjin Battery Company Ltd. (Lishen) to convert several thousand U.S. fleet vehicles to electric using Lishen's lithium ion batteries and ZAP's patented Vehicle Control Unit. 

ZAP said it has been actively pursuing the electric fleet vehicle market in the United States, and developed a custom-designed powertrain for a U.S. delivery fleet with the goal of becoming a supplier and replacing gasoline vehicles. 

The latest version released for trial will undergo extreme weather conditions using Lishen's battery pack with reported improved energy efficiency and reliability. ZAP will begin financing discussions with fleet operator pending successful completion of the trial, which is expected to run through the winter season, the company said.

Zap’s Z-Smart is being incorporated into these fleet vehicles to improve performance, safety and efficiency of the converted vehicles and to provide convenient mobile communication to the driver on the charge levels and recharging status. Z-Smart is a smart management system between the electric motor, the battery management system, and the overall electric power system that supports power brakes, power steering, HVAC, power windows, on-board charge and discharge, fast charge and all of the electrical control units of the vehicle, including GPS and wireless communication to the mobile.

ZAP plans to use the Lishen financing to pursue other volume fleet opportunities in the Americas and Southeast Asia, primarily government and institutional clients.

From a press release