Zemla-built bikes feature Burly Brand add-ons

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2013
By Dennis Johnson

ANAHEIM, Calif. - With its two recent project bikes, Burly Brand has established that the Harley-Davidson Sportster is a great platform for building just about anything a person can dream up.

Take the Sporty Scrambler and Sporty cafe racer (see image, right) that marketing master — and reluctant custom bike builder — David Zemla has unleashed on the market, which were on display at the recent LeMans western regional showcase here in Anaheim.

The former features the company’s scrambler bars, MX-style footpegs (with built-in bottle opener) and 15 in. Stiletto shocks. The latter, Zemla’s latest creation, sports Burly’s brand-new cafe tail section, Clubman bars and the same shocks. One trick bit on the cafe bike that’s not in the Burly catalog, but needs mentioning, is the Powell-Peralta skateboard wheel chain tensioner.

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