Zero Motorcycles' 2013 lineup gets power boost, new styling

Publish Date: 
Oct 2, 2012

Zero Motorcycles 2013SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Zero's 2013 lineup of electric motorcycles features an average power increase of 99 percent thanks to the new compact, efficient and passively air-cooled Z-Force motor and Z-Force power pack.

The line includes the long-range Zero S, which has a claimed 137-mile range in the city. The S and the Zero DS also get new bodywork, which includes integrated storage in the ‘tank’ area. To accommodate the new styling, Zero redesigned the frames for every model with an eye toward better ergonomics and compatibility with aftermarket accessories.

Other upgrades include a new feature that allows riders to sync their smart phones (iPhone or Android) to their motorcycles via Bluetooth to see detailed motorcycle information and adjust the performance characteristics of their bikes.

Zero Motorcycles Zero 3 2013The new Z-Force power pack also allows riders the option of quick charging — 95 percent in an hour or less — using CHAdeMO charge stations. These stations use the most widely adopted DC fast-charging standards at more than 1,600 locations worldwide.

Additional highlights? How about the Zero FX, which the company bills as, “the ultimate do anything and ride anywhere” urban rebel motorcycle. The bike claims 70 ft.-lbs. of torque, 44hp and a weight of 275 lbs. This model, along with the Zero XU and Zero MX feature a modular quick-swap power pack.

Riders can use one or two battery modules and can quickly upgrade any of the models from 2.8kWh to 5.7kWh. The increased power and range, and better handling mean the MX model could be a strong performer at the motocross track.

Zero Motorcycles Zero FX 2013From Zero: “The new Z-Force motor and overall powertrain is completely air-cooled on account of its efficient and innovative design. With instant torque, a nearly silent belt-driven system and no shifting, riders need only focus on enjoying the ride. For the owner, there is no routine powertrain maintenance and the fuel cost is only a penny a mile.”

Pricing is as follows:

Zero S 

  • MSRP: (ZF8.5) $13,995
  • MSRP: (ZF11.4) $15,995

Zero DS

  • MSRP: (ZF8.5) $13,995
  • MSRP: (ZF11.4) $15,995

Zero FX

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,495
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $11,990

Zero XU

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $7,995
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $10,490

Zero MX

  • MSRP: (ZF2.8) $9,495
  • MSRP: (ZF5.7) $11,990

Zero press release and images posted by Dennis Johhnson