Zero Motorcycles adds WOW motorcycles to dealer network


Zero Motorcycles has signed WOW Motorcycles as the first motorcycle dealership in Georgia to carry Zero’s 2011 product line.

Interested consumers can get demo rides and buy Zero bikes from the dealership in Marietta, Ga.

“WOW Motorcycles is a well-respected motorcycle dealer in Atlanta and we are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them,” says John Lloyd, Zero’s VP of Global Sales. “The Georgia Zero Emission Vehicle Tax Credit is a forward-thinking program that is a perfect fit for Georgia’s progressive minded consumers. By taking advantage of state and federal tax credits the people of Georgia can now purchase a fun, efficient, high-performance electric motorcycle for less than a comparable gas model.”

The final purchase costs for a 2011 Model after federal and state tax credits for Georgia customers are: Zero S, $6,997; Zero DS, $7,347; Zero MX Street Legal, $7,956; Zero X Street Legal, $6,796; and Zero ZU, $6,396. Georgia tax credits are available via the individual's tax return and will last as long as funding remains available.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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