Zero Motorcycles gives $2,500 trade-in bonus on 2012 models

Publish Date: 
Jan 15, 2013

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Zero Motorcycles has launched a “Cash for Carbon” trade-in bonus promotion to support its 2012 lineup of electric motorcycles.

Running through March 31, the program targets customers who are trading in a gas motorcycle. It provides them with $2,500 in value on top of whatever the dealer offers toward the purchase price of a new 2012 Zero model.

The incentive is in addition to the recently announced 10 percent federal tax credit available as part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.

“Similar to the ‘cash for clunkers’ government promotion in 2009, Zero aims to entice traditional internal combustion engine motorcycle owners to make the switch to electric,” said Scot Harden, vice president of global marketing. “In offering a $2,500 trade-in bonus for new customers, we expect this promotion to be a great sales tool for our nationwide dealer network.”

Consumers must print a "Cash for Carbon" voucher for presentation at their local dealership to receive the $2,500 bonus. Vouchers and a dealer locator are available at

Customers also have access to Zero Motorcycles financing. Current financing options offer no down payment and 0 percent interest for 12 months, plus 4.99 percent financing options, both with approved credit.

Posted by Arlo Redwine