Zero Motorcycles rolls out new website as 2013 models hit dealerships

Publish Date: 
Feb 5, 2013

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Zero Motorcycles today announced the launch of a new website as its 2013 lineup of electric motorcycles arrives in dealerships.

The website,, delivers a host of information on Zero’s technology and an abundance of new multimedia.

Among new videos are the first taken of the 2013 electric motorcycle lineup in action. For viewers who would like to hear the motorcycles, the videos are available with or without music.

In a separate “customer video” gallery viewers can watch customers ride and speak about their personal experiences of owning their Zero. Some videos feature models from as early as 2008. The site also contains a wide variety of photography.

“Much like our new 2013 model line, Zero Motorcycles’ new website offers consumers a high-end experience that serves up great content through a clean and minimalist design,” said Chris Heimbuck, director of marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “We invite everyone to visit us online to learn more about the 2013 motorcycles, enjoy all the new photos and videos and schedule a demo ride on a new 2013 Zero with their nearest dealer.”

Because Zero has dealers around the world, the new site offers local versions with regional pricing, languages and information for eight countries. The website includes detailed specifications for each model, as well as information on “what it really means to ride an electric motorcycle.”

The site’s “Going Electric” section is derived from Zero’s brochure with the same name. It presents the economics of ownership, advantages of electric and explains the four factors that impact range.

The site encourages people to schedule a demo or request a price quote from their local dealer.

North American shipments of the 2013 Zero models began in January, while Europe will be receiving the new lineup in February.

Posted by Arlo Redwine.