Zero Motorcycles signs Hong Kong distributor, reports record fleet sale

Publish Date: 
May 16, 2013

HONG KONG - Zero Motorcycles has signed its first eastern Asia distributor, Yuen Ho Trading Co. (YHT) based in Hong Kong, and secured its largest fleet sale to date.

Zero representatives presented the Hong Kong government with 59 Zero S motorcycles, model year 2012.

The Hong Kong Police Department will use the majority of the units for patrolling and special-event purposes. Other governmental departments will use the motorcycles for transportation about public parks, and for other activities such as conducting motorcycle rider examinations.

The Hong Kong government bought all 59 motorcycles through YHT. Zero said it participated in an open RFP process and was awarded the contract based on meeting criteria related to performance, reliability, after-sales commitments and the low cost of operation.

“This is an incredible new relationship that has been forged between YHT, the Hong Kong government and Zero Motorcycles,” said John Lloyd, vice president of Global Sales for Zero Motorcycles. “Our international authority fleet programs continue to be one of our most successful channels for distribution, and we look forward to working with the Hong Kong government on current and future programs.

“We couldn’t put this program together without YHT,” Lloyd noted. “They are an invaluable new partner for Zero. It’s our intention to keep securing strong partnerships like YHT in Asia, as it’s one of the fastest-growing e-markets in the world.”

The 2012 Zero S has an approximate range of 89 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 88 miles per hour. Zero fitted the Police motorcycles with a series of components developed exclusively for traffic enforcement.

“We are glad to see the Hong Kong government’s order becomes the largest order in Asia,” said Ophelia Lin, general manager of YHT. “Deploying electric vehicles like the Zero S helps reduce Hong Kong’s carbon footprint. We are very passionate about contributing to environmental protection. To introduce Zero to Hong Kong means a small but impactful contribution in the long term.”

Leading up to a Zero launching ceremony, representatives from Zero conducted rider training for government workers.

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photo courtesy Zero Motorcycles