Zurich Dealer Seminars at Indy Address Reinsurance, Risk Assessment

Publish Date: 
Feb 4, 2010

ZURICH IS SHARING its insights in profit participation programs and risk management by offering two free seminars during Dealer Expo: ‘Overlooking Millions’ and ‘I Think I Am Legal.’

 In “Overlooking Millions,” dealers will learn how resistance to change and unchallenged loyalties cause dealers to lose millions of dollars in additional profit opportunities in service contracts through Retro and Reinsurance Programs.

‘I Think I am Legal’ provides an overview of current laws as they relate to sales, F&I, customer and workplace issues. This seminar will touch on ways to help prevent and avoid workplace and customer discrimination, and errors and omissions. The seminar will also go over what dealers and their employees need to know about the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Regulation Z, and Form 8300, and other laws and regulations.

Dealers attending these seminars will have a chance to win a $250 American Express gift card in a contest. Additional information about the contest will be announced at the beginning of each seminar, according to Zurich.

Both one-hour seminars are free with show registration and take place Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 and 13, in Room 210 of the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Zurich does not have a booth on the exhibition floor, so this is one of the few chances dealers will have in Indy to discuss business issues with the company.

Zurich is a sponsor of the 2010 Dealernews Top 100 Competition and Awards Program.

Posted by Mary Slepicka