Zurich: Protect Yourself From Pollution Liability


Insurance giant Zurich has released a two-page bulletin outlining how dealerships can analyze, then minimize, their exposure to pollution-related lawsuits and fines. Click here to download the document.

Zurich says dealers should ensure that they are in compliance with all local, state and federal environmental protection laws and regulations. The bulletin also contains not-so-obvious suggestions such as obtaining certificates of insurance from the companies that pick up and handle your waste products. Another suggestion: Use “spill containment” pallets for storage of 55-gallon drums containing oil and other liquids.

The bulletin has a few links to further information. Florida and Texas dealers may want to click on the links to their states’ guidelines.

Of course, Zurich points that it would love to hear from dealers who’d like to discuss their pollution liability exposure, or to find out if they are covered under their current policy. Dealers can also request a free copy of the company’s “Environmental Self-Assessment” publication by contacting the Risk Engineering Department at 800-821-7803.

Posted by Arlo Redwine