Dealer Expo 2013 SEMINARS

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - John Spader, Jan Kelly and other industry and business leaders were onboard at Dealer Expo, delivering exclusive seminar presentations as part of the Dealernews Learning Experience presented by Dealership University.
“We’re very proud of the tenure and expertise of this year’s prominent lineup of speakers for the 2013 Dealer Expo," said Rod Stuckey, president of Dealership University.
"For dealers the ‘game’ has changed and is changing. The ability to evolve and adapt to the ‘new rules’ of the ‘new market’ are a non-negotiable," Stuckey said. "Our seminars will be covering the most cutting-edge trends as proved by the data, while not losing focus of the time-tested blocking and tackling fundamentals required to be a profitable dealer.”
Recognizing the need to get retailers up to speed quickly on new management, marketing and sales techniques in a post-recession economy, the Learning Experience in 2013 delivered a robust education experience that included:

  • Dealership University certification-based classroom seminars, and
  • Super Session panel discussions (with audience participation) hosted by Dealernews

The Dealership University seminar program presented brand-new sessions for owners, GMs, sales professionals, department managers, service professionals and retail/etail marketers presented by industry experts versed in what it takes to make your dealership excel. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • The new metrics that determine a high-performance dealership
  • What separates a “good” store from a “great” store
  • Why F&I is your most profitable square footage
  • Advanced Google AdWords: Dominating search-engine results
  • Social media and reputation management – and how to determine if you’re doing too much
  • Simple, quick and inexpensive remodels that deliver significant results
  • Boosting P&A dollars per invoice with effective displays and selling techniques

Seminar presenters were experts from all parts of the industry and the retail sector.