Dealernews - April 01, 2013

Dennis Johnson
ONE GOOD MEASURE of a dealership is to survey exactly how many of its employees actually get out and ride. There will always be at least a handful; but a majority
Joe Delmont
DESTINATION POWERSPORTS charged out of the gates for 2013 with a record performance in January. It was the best first-month performance since Shenk and his partne
Mary Green Slepicka
THE 48TH ANNUAL Dealer Expo has come and gone. How’ve you been? Sales doing OK?
Eric Anderson
COURTING CUSTOMERS is almost like courting a mate. I claim they’re identical, except the attraction to the opposite sex and procreation is even stronger tha
Rod Stuckey
YEARS AGO a dealer friend shared his perspective on digital marketing by asking me, “Why would I spend my budget on anything other than Google AdWords? It&r
Dealer Expo 2013: Wrap-up
DEBUTS RANGED FROM the radical to the restrained at the 2013 Dealer Expo, but everyone agrees: product designers have been hard at work, and aftermarket sales wil
Dennis Johnson
YOU ONLY HAVE to look at what’s happening in the aftermarket to get a good idea of what types of units are selling. At Dealer Expo, the large number of comp
TRIKES HELD CENTER STAGE at Dealer Expo, with a handful of the main manufacturers sitting smack in the middle of the Indiana Convention Center. And in talking wit
Arlo Redwine
IN THE FEBRUARY ISSUE we previewed the variety of vehicles to be seen at Dealer Expo. We reported on: •    Christini’s new 450 Enduro an
Dennis Johnson
UP UNTIL RECENTLY it seemed luggage options for the adventure bike market trended toward big beefy boxes — large aluminum or plastic cases that made a KTM o
Bruce Steever
ANOTHER DEALER EXPO IS IN THE BOOKS. Finally, the industry is starting to see some upward potential again. Plus signs have begun to appear in front of many OEMs&#
Beth Dolgner
EVERY YEAR AT Dealer Expo, at least one helmet company wows everyone (or tries to) with a radical new design or technology.
Beth Dolgner
MOTORCYCLES CARRY the stigma of being dangerous, but nothing sounded more dangerous at Dealer Expo than a communication system representative explaining how you c
Dave Koshollek
WE ALL KNOW first impressions run deep, but do we realize impressions can include our personal vehicle? Like a calling card, in this business our personal vehicle
Mike Vaughan
Mike Vaughan
IF YOU DIDN'T go to Dealer Expo in February, you missed a pretty good show.